The Mathemagics Workshop


Choose a number from 1-10
Add 5.
Subtract 3
Add 7
Subtract the number you started with
Subtract 4
Double your answer
You are now at 10

Learn to multiply two four-digit numbers in your head faster than a calculator.

Find a Fibonacci number in a pinecone. This course offers exposure to a variety of mathematical concepts through puzzles, games and problem solving activities. Topics include, among others, simple combinatorics, number bases and sequences and famous unsolved problems in mathematics.

The course can be taken in successive terms. Content may vary according to the interests of the members and new material will always be introduced for those who have been in previous mathemagics courses.

Group I: grades 1-3
Tuesday 3:45-4:45

Group II: grades 4-6
Tuesday 5:00-6:00

Group III: grades 6-8
Wednesday 5:00-6:00

Invent your own number system and build your own counting machine. Explore unsolved problems with pentominoes. Solve magic squares.
This course, for girls only and designed for girls who love math, has also been successful at inspiring a love of mathematics in girls who arrive unconvinced.
Wednesday 3:45-4:45
Grades 4-6

Courses will run for 10 sessions.

All courses are limited to 8 children

About Beth O'Sullivan
Beth O'Sullivan studied undergraduate and graduate mathematics at MIT. Published as a mathematician and as a writer, she has been teaching mathematics privately to children for over thirty years. She is also the co-founder of the Science Club for Girls

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